Squash - getting bigger day by day

This is what the planting has looked like up to last week - 7/6/2016.

As you can see, lots of cleaning, clearing and digging done by the other Glen.   Hard work, no gym membership needed this year! 

Aubergine (melongene, eggplant)



My promise last week was to not to upload any information for at least three weeks.  However, after visiting yesterday, I am excited to show the progress. With the recent abundance of rainfall, all the plants have come along in leaps and bounds.                                                                                                               The yellow Marigold flower really stands out, and contrasts well with the lively green, it draws you closer. And of course, with the rain we get the weeds.


These tomato plants are not on the allotment, but are doing just fine as you can see.

As the plants grow, so do the weeds. 


Signs of fruits can finally be seen.

Planting update. Everything seems to be growing fine. However, the slugs and snails are having fun by nibbling away at the leaves. 

The squash gave some concern for worry due to developing yellow leaves. I Googled and saw five different reasons why this could occur. Glen thought that we were probably over-watering.  After a few days, they seem to be doing better. Of all the plants on the allotment, these have a special place in my heart. (I sowed them from seeds) Come on squash!

Planting requires a large degree of patience; well I think so. At times, it appears that the plants are  not growing, then suddenly a growth spurt could be seen.

The allotment is a beautiful and calming place to be. The relationship  among  the allotment owners is wonderful. Everyone is helpful and so much more knowledgeable than us.                                                                                                         We are indeed beginners, willing to learn.

To get the planting started, corn and tomatoes were bought and planted. Squash, which I grew from seeds were also planted. I must say I am so proud of this due to my input.  Marigold was planted between the vegetables,  apparently to ward off insects. I'm learning.

The most thrilling news of all, was the obtaining of keys to the gates of an allotment.  For those of who are unfamiliar of what an allotment is. It is a small area of land that is rented out by the Council, which  allows one to plant vegetables on. It is rented out for a small yearly fee. It has to be cultivated yearly, if not, it is handed over to someone else.                                                                The other Glen applied about six years ago and was fortunate to be given permission. He is very excited.

So, on May 15, we made our first visit and here are the images. The ground was dry and hard as one would expect, but workable. There is also a small area to have picnics and barbecues. A surprising addition.                  

The concreted area, could house a garden shed and a table with chairs. Cooking/eating/relaxing. Great, great ambitions.





After the success of planting tomatoes last year, I was excited to start the process again this year. 

The hope is though, to include more vegetables as well as planting  herbs. With much enthusiasm, I bought packets of seeds. My list included corn, coriander, tomatoes, sweet peppers and thyme. Very ambitious, I agree. The sowing date was 11/4/2016

After three weeks, signs of growth were seen. I think in retrospect, I should have left the sown seeds inside, instead of leaving them outside facing the cold elements.                          First planting lesson learnt of the year.                                                                                                As soon as the weather got warmer, excitedly, everything started to grow, with the coriander sprinting off first.