A friend told me she becomes stuck when trying to combine stripes and florals together, to complete a look. I thought I would have a 'pink party' to help her.                                                                                                                                                   The simple trick is to have one common factor, running through every different piece of fabric introduced.                           In the four different sets of combinations above, it is obvious that pink is the common thread in all of them. All different tones of pink are used, even a bit of glitter thrown in on this made at home blind, and you can see, it works.  It works because it is not visually jarring to the eyes.
Trust your eyes with this one, well almost everything to do with design.
My friend, I hope this helps

This is my first room designed with men in mind. More so the man who appreciates natural materials of wood and stone and of course nature. Yes, the man who likes the more rustic look and feel.

​I hope you enjoy it guys.

The overall look of this tea towel above was intended to be modern and simple with a small splash of warm colour on an abundance of white.
To add another dimension, I added what I call the 'hill and valley' look by simply curling the ribbon. Red was chosen due to its vibrant colour which would contrast well with the white.
All in all, it is a simple but eye catching design which I hope you like.
The kitchen also reflects the abundance of white as that of the towel. Whilst the three pendant lights over the island area give that modern look - the light, cheerful tone of the green which I absolutely adore represents that fresh Caribbean feel.

Although the kitchen and the towel are obviously different in many respects, they should provide the same feel when looked at and should then sit 'hand in hand' with each other.


I have really neglected this area of this website due to trying to keep abreast of all the wonderful changes taking place on the allotment. What fun cooking and tasting the organic produce.

Back inside now with this interior scheme. The inspiration for this interior came from this beautiful red elegant chaise, which provides the focus of the room. I absolutely adore the modern lighting with the variations in different heights of the light bulbs. It is amazing what becomes fashionable over time.

Besides the deep blue tone of the ceiling, the walls, flooring and all the other areas of this room are of neutral tones. And of course plants to bring nature inside.

The inspiration for this scheme came from a Caribbean sunset. As is known, a Caribbean sunset is normally big, bright, bold and brassy.
A sunset by its very nature awaken a reaction from the onlooker. Equally this design is an 'attention - grabber', it will step forward to welcome you as soon as you enter its domain. It is not for the colour shy!

Set within a floral theme, the key colours of red (with variations of this colour) yellow and orange were chosen to represent the main colours of this design, as that of the sunset colours.
I wanted great vibrancy and life within the room, hence I chose the four yellow petals on the wall. These act as a magnet to the eyes and hence represent the focal area for this scheme.
The beautiful and popular tropical flower HIBISCUS was chosen for the sofa and mat, so as to increase the overall energy of the room. Whilst the orange colour on the walls add to the zest and vitality of the entire design.
In a room as intense as this, some ingredients are needed to reduce the sparks generated by these intensely warm colours.                                     Whilst a true Caribbean punch (the drink) would certainly help, I was thinking in terms of the introduction of white, grey, the dark tone of the blue and the natural colour of wood.
Although blue and orange normally energize each other, I added only a small amount of blue to provide contrast to the room.                                           I know this scheme is not for the faint hearted amongst you, but I do hope you
like some aspects within the design.