Mango chow                                                                                            Ingredients for Mango Chow                                                                        Whole Mango

Lemon Cake                                                                                                  Spices of cinnamon,nutmeg and Caribbean essence                          Cake batter of eggs, sugar and butter

Mango chow, a childhood favourite. This tangy snack is easy to make adding salt, pepper, ( a must) herb, lemon, garlic and /or onion to green mango. The contrast between the sharpness of the green mango with the salt trying to calm things down, whilst the pepper heightens the taste, keeps you going back for one last piece, until it is all done.                                                                                                         Then there is the promise to make another batch tomorrow, but not to have it all at once!

My mum would cook this stew every week of the year when I was growing up at home. I must say she could make a delicious lentil stew. Very simple to make and most of all will improve your iron intake. Some individuals use coconut milk which gives this stew a rich and flavourful taste. I generally boil these peas in water and add various spices, herbs and vegetables. Truly hearty, filling, delicious and nutritious.

Sweetbread with a blob of strawberry jam                                                                                                                                                                   Ingredients for sweetbread

Lime, lemon, pineapple and ginger, all coming together to make refreshing and delicious tropical drinks.

Coconut Biscuits                                                                                                  Raisin biscuits                                                                                                    Ingredients for Coconut Biscuits


Stewed Lentils                                                                                            Coconut Milk                                                                                               Ingredients for stew

Calypso rice - This rice dish certainly sums up a Caribbean Calypso in its rich taste, colourful look, one  that certainly draws you in to partake.  The rich taste certainly lives up to the vibrance in colour. From the crunchiness of the vegetables ( carrot, onion, sweetpepper) to the addition of the herbs and spices ( ginger, parsley) and of course the tropical feel of the mango and pineapple. Everything is bathe in the ever reliable, ever tasty coconut milk. This certainly  brings  it all together, a true Caribbean feast.

Orange and cornmeal cake                                                                        Cake  Batter                                                                                                  Grated orange

Pepper sauce                                                                                              Chili Peppers

More biscuits I'm afraid. We have nuts, plain and coconut.

I had never heard of cornmeal and orange cake before, until I saw it in a book. In my usual way of thinking,I decided to give it a try. We use a lot of cornmeal in the Caribbean, but I have never seen it being used in a cake, I treaded carefully, not thinking it would work. I know, negative thinking, but it worked. It actually tasted quite lovely.

For the topping I used blueberries, Whoops! never saw this in the Caribbean, but, other substitutes  could be use.

Sweetbread is a definite staple of some Caribbean homes. It does not have the same status as cake, but it is robust, filling and tasty. As a child growing up in the Caribbean, this would be a Sunday afternoon treat 'washed down' with 'juice', this is simply, fruit juices, back then home made.

The ingredients are flour, mixed dried fruits (raisins, currants, orange peel) cinnamon, butter and sugar.                                    What brings it altogether for me is the taste of the raisins, orange peel and of course the cinnamon.

As you can see, I have been busy trying to make biscuits. I do like a biscuit, but must admit, I have had fun and some 'hold your breath' moments in trying to make these.  Either way, these are the results. The best part of all for me is in trying to put the presentation together.  

 Hot, fiery, intense and most of all a 'must have' when eating Caribbean food.  Well it is what the Caribbeans do.                               Hot pepper sauce is just one of those delights that every Caribbean cupboard has. This sauce is added at breakfast, lunch and dinner time. 

I have never made it before, but on impulse, I bought this plant of chili peppers and decided to make pepper sauce as I saw them dwindling.      

So easy to make by putting garlic, vinegar, lime juice, mustard and salt in a blender. I suppose one can add other spices, but as it was my first attempt, I kept it basic. Give it a go.

Lemon cake, yum! Richly delicious. I have been trying my hand at making different cakes lately. This is my latest attempt. It was not difficult, but one is always looking into the oven. Is it rising?