I have not been on for some time, but I am now back. The summer has been and is now gone. Looking after the vegetables at the time of the heat wave was, interesting to say the least. Glen and I were there every day watering the plants, somehow they survived. 

We were never fortunate with sweetpeppers but they seem to enjoy the hot weather as it was the first year that the peppers actually thrived well. In all honesty, it was the sweetest sweetpeppers I have ever tasted!                                           Last year the tomatoes were affected by tomato blight, this year was different. I believe this was down to the hot weather. These were actually very sweet as well. Wish we had planted more.

Under the intense heat the potatoes suffered in terms of size. They were much smaller this year and lesser in numbers, but very sweet. Many of our allotment neighbours were very disappointed due to the small sizes of the potatoes, I am just happy to be able to reap some.

Carrots have always been more or less hit and miss. This year is no different. I know what the problem is, the soil needs to be sandy. I did try planting different colours. The yellow one seems tougher than the orange ones, how interesting. I shall have to work on the soil for next year.

All in all, I have learnt so much over the years we have been planting. Well, it has only been three years. It remains such a fun place to be, it is so much more than a place to plant.


Nothing much is happening on the allotment I much say. Glen and I are simply turning over the soil. The days are now shorter but we cannot stay away. Even though it is dark and cold, we still go there. It certainly helps with my mental and physical vigour .                        The allotment is a place that continues to give. 

Chili peppers were stunning this year as can be seen above. The heat wave certainly helped, a definite to be planted next year.