This time of year (winter) I really get nostalgic for the sunshine, the warmth and of course always the beauty of nature in the Caribbean.
I imagined this week to stepping out from my imagined house in the Caribbean, straight unto this deck surrounded by nature and the great outdoors. Bamboo is simply beautiful.
A place to relax in nature and in nature, to relax.

My sister sent me these images of orchids grown by her friend, who as could be seen has a love for orchids, how pretty.
Thank you for allowing me to share these with others.

After a month of waiting, I am so excited to see baby tomatoes and flowers on the tomato plants. Within that month I grappled with the snails and most of all, dealing with my initial impatience as “nothing seemed to be happening.’’

 As you can see the plants have grown considerably in height and width. It is lovely to see them grow without having to do much work, except for some weeding and frequent watering. OK, I know it is only two plants and I should not get too excited.
I cannot wait to see what the next four weeks will bring.

Finally, I decided to try my hand at planting.  Yes, I was born and raised in the Caribbean but have never really planted as such.
I questioned myself as to why this did not happen as both my parents and grandparents did. Anyway, I suppose I was too busy sewing.
Apparently planting gives you that feeling of accomplishment, teaches you patience and perseverance etc. etc.
After looking at various options, I decided on the ever beautiful tomato. It is a short crop (6-8 weeks) and it should be fairly low maintenance.
This is in line with my decision to start small with only planting two plants. 

The big day came, I bought the plants which were approximately 30 cms. in height (maybe considered cheating).
To be honest, I thought that this probably was not a good idea after all, but felt responsible after buying them, so decided to carry on.
The soil was prepared using plant nutrients, I must admit I had help doing this.
The two plants were planted and watered, and that was that, no mathematical calculations, why the fuss? Must do some more research though.
Anyway, in time I shall update you as to how they grow and how I feel towards the whole experience.

These cushions were  made for garden furniture. Simple patterns were hand drawn and colour filled with fabric paint. I absolutely enjoy trying my hand at fabric painting. It is very relaxing. Try it, what fun!
The pale toned cotton fabric was chosen to give that earthy feel. And of course who can resist a yellow butterfly.

I wanted to share these plants with you. Some may not be plants that we usually see in the Caribbean.  However, when I put them together as part of a design, I was thinking about using various colours, shapes and textures to complete this overall look.                                                                                                             Ultimately, it does create a lively and vivacious  plant border.                                                                     

Obtaining Caribbean plants was simply a matter of asking friends and family for a cutting. Despite this, there was always a display of brightly coloured flowers around the house in most Caribbean homes. The planting was not formal in design, but rather where it was deemed most suitable to be placed.                                             Local medicinal herbs would also be planted for common ailments.

Finally, they have grown to maturity. From those two small plants, I counted, yes I counted, more than 100 cherry tomatoes.
In all honesty, I did not have to do much, except some watering and staking, but what a result in such a short space of time.  A fungus attacked the leaves as well, but the tomatoes as you can see are fine.
Next year, I shall certainly be planting again!

At this time of year, we are privileged to enjoy the sheer beauty of roses.  These images were taken from a private garden. 

The yellow rose to the right - so big, so beautiful.                                                      I do hope you enjoy them.

A beach party for us two.

Nothing much to say, other than, enjoy!