Although it is almost the end of the year I am still trying to remember the beauty of the summer. Here I am sharing these with you from the allotment, as usual.   Believe it or not, there are still vegetables there :carrots, kale, parsnips, cabbage and chard and all alive.

The allotment is a funny place, it somehow keeps giving, one thing or the other.   And  yes, I know  I have mentioned it before, but I do miss the rhythm of going there.

It would be interesting to see what happens next year.                     


October is here, and the days are definitely getting shorter. Steve (an allotment friend)  as usual, has set the bar high for us to follow.These are his onions, he gave me permission to show them to you. The image looks so artistic. This is what Glen and I have to aspire to, not yet there!  

I made a big mistake by sowing the carrot seeds and then transplanting them, just creating more work for myself. Saying that, the ones I reaped were very fragrant and sweet tasting; this surprised me. 

The deep dark tones of kale is certainly enchanting, can't wait to taste it.


This colourful rice dish has in it the peas and carrots from the allotment.The carrots are really sweet. Something I never expected was the smell of the carrot as you pull them from the ground.                                                                                                                                                                                These chili peppers are certainly vibrant, absolutely stunning. Not too sure what I am going to do with them as yet.    


​​​​​​​ I'm Back! You must have been wondering where I have been for the last six weeks. Well, the honest truth is my computer simply stopped working. It is amazing how dependent I have become on this tool.

So, what has been happening on the allotment? As you know, the weather has gotten considerably colder here in England, with shorter days and longer nights. We have not been frequenting there as often as before. I truly miss the rhythm of going there with the excitement of seeing all the growth or lack of it.

Well, the carrots are still in the ground, and so are some of the beetroot. I am planning to visit tomorrow, I cannot wait to see what is going on there.

The reason why I am showing you the cabbage in the image above, is the sparkly little speckles that could be seen on the edges, so pretty. It did taste lovely as well. And of course the potatoes which have all been reaped, as usual, are great tasting.

We planted peas in July and reaped in September; how wonderful that is. The green of the pea leaves has an almost enchanting green, very delicate.                                                                                    As I was picking the peas I was eating them, that is how sweet they are. So, so easy to grow.                I need some more experience in knowing when exactly to pick them. A definite must for next year.




Of course, we are still cooking some of the vegetables from summer. One of the intentions of planting is to enjoy the taste of the vegetables in winter as well. For us, it is of course trial and error in terms of what will freeze well and  what will not.                                     Well courgette has surprised us, it has frozen well. The taste and texture remain almost the same. Well done courgettes.

I must say, I have really missed the rhythm of going to the allotment regularly, and of course seeing all the different shades of green, the flowers, and generally everything about  the allotment. Roll on spring!                                          

 Brussel sprouts have never charmed me into buying them. As with everything else that we planted, I have had a change of mind. The plants were given to Glen by an allotment neighbour. I can tell you they are so yummy!   I simply sautéed them in a bit of oil with garlic, onions and tomatoes. So, so delicious. This is yet another vegetable we will be planting again.

Beetroot and potato salad, another beautiful taste. I froze some of the beetroot, they taste ok, but nothing as just being pulled from the ground. All the beetroot we planted last year were sweet, however, this year they were of varying tastes.                                                             The texture remained the same though.

Kale on the other hand, great colour, great taste and I must say pretty hardy. It is standing up to the intensity of the cold.

I just wanted to share with you two visitors that came to visit the corn plants this year.