Runner beans





I know it has been a long time. As you know, this is the time of year when things are super busy on the allotment. Most of all now, we have to be constantly watering, due to the current spell of dry weather. Putting that aside, it has been great! It is always such fun watching everything grow and change into something edible.

We wanted to introduce height into the middle of the garden, so Glen placed a tripod for the runner beans to grow on, they grow at a very fast rate.

As you may know, I wanted to try a large variety of herbs this time. In the image above, we have mint, which was given to us and parsley. I am so proud of the parsley. I sowed it from seeds. It is always great to see such growth, especially when I am trying to grow what I have not grown before.  I think parsley is quite tough and vigorous.                                                                                                                                                        Of all the herbs I have planted, this has been the speediest of all. I have not even given it any plant food.  As a matter of fact, I have not given plant food to any of them. Watch and wait.

I saw  one of our allotment friends grow yellow courgettes last year and decided I should try it this year.        Here is the result above, our first yellow courgette. The colour is simply bursting with that gorgeous yellow.  I sowed courgette, cucumber and squash seeds this year, but in all, only a few grew.                             It is always a wonder when this happens. I simply did the same thing that I have done for the last 3 years. Maybe it was the weather conditions. Who knows! I shall certainly try again next year.

Lettuce, lettuce, lettuce. Tried for the first time again this year. Much success I must admit. So easy to grow.

When I am thinking about planting, I always think about design. Design in the sense of where I could combine variations in shapes, colours and textures. Hence, I placed close together, beetroot with its broad leaves; carrots with its fine leaves and finally onions with its very fine rounded stems. 

The strawberries have been and gone. Super sweet as usual. They are the first to come and the first to go.  And of course, here Glen is, repeating the first cucumber this year. 



The magic of the sun; the plants like it, I certainly adore it. It is truly spirit lifting to go to the allotment this time of year. I truly enjoy watching everything grow.  I decided to focus on planting herbs and lettuce this year. I sowed too many seeds, as usual. In the image Glen has made a bed and has surrounded the lettuce with wire to prevent the foxes from trampling on them. Well, it is a trial, we will have to wait and see if this works. The lettuce look quite floppy but I am hopeful. Well, let's say Glen is more hopeful than I am.

I must admit that I have not cooked with sage before, but I am going to try this year. The smell of this herb is incredibly strong. Lots of research to see what is the best way of using this. 

Every year, I am more and more attracted to wild beauty and the beauty of seedheads of vegetables.  Totally captivating!  I really hope you enjoy them as I do.                                                     Strawberries are now in as well as the cabbages. This cabbage was planted in November of last year. It seems like a long, long time that they have been in the ground. Amazing taste, great crunch!  I need to experiment a bit more with this vegetable.

These radishes were given to us by one of our allotment neighbours. Slightly peppery and very crunchy.



Well, well, well. I know it has been a long time, we have been so busy at the allotment. May is normally one of the busiest months. As you could imagine, it has been a lot of fun. Glen has been digging and turning over the soil. I have been assisting with some planting. 

It has been such a long winter, this of course means a shorter time to plant, but the ever so shy spring has finally come to life. To be honest, one of my favourite garden things to do is actually sowing seeds. It gives me great satisfaction to see plants growing from seeds planted. I like the nurturing aspect of things. 

After my small attempt at growing herbs and salads last year. I decided to try on a bigger scale this year. I sowed thyme, dill, terragon, chive, oregano, rosemary, mix salad, sage, plus more. I also wanted to experiment more with different colour vegetables, hence I chose carrots and beetroot. I cannot wait to see the outcome of these.

Glen planted winter cabbage , garlic and onions in November of last year, and here they are. Spring has just brought them to life along with the slugs, they are great fans of cabbages. 

As spring brings new growth, we have the wild flowers, I call these wild beauty. I have included some that I have noticed on the allotment. I simply had to snap them to show to you.

In the three years we have been planting, we have always enjoyed a bounty of squash, well, more or less, as last year was not that great. This year, of all the seeds I sowed, only two plants sprouted. I simply cannot understand why.                                                        Another disappointment is that of peas. Well, this was of my own doing. The birds got to the seeds and had a real feast.

All in all, things are going well. We have planted so far, runner beans, potatoes, beetroot, carrot, cabbage and onions.                      The fun continues.                                                      


It is dry, dry, dry! Although I am adoring the weather, it means that almost on a daily basis we are having to water the plants. I have even lost count of the last time it rained. Nevertheless, I am grateful that we have water to be able to water the vegetables and herbs. I am amazed they are still alive!

The tomatoes are just beginning to ripen. We do not have as many this year, although we do have a few varieties. I hope they are sweet though.

I wanted this year to try different colours of beetroot. I am excited to show you the first results. They are all sweet I am happy to announce.

‚ÄčThe great basil learning curve continues. I have learnt that they like hot weather, the smell gets stronger as the leaves get bigger and butterflies run away from them. I must admit, I adore the deep green colour of this herb. Will definitely plant this again next year.

Runner beans are here, but not as plentiful, maybe due to the weather. Of course, butternut squash is also here. This loves water. I always like the little surprises of pulling back a leaf and discovering a baby squash.

The weather has definitely affected the size of the potatoes this year, they are simply smaller.                                           The variations of planting.