I am so excited about reaping the first courgettes from the allotment. It is truly amazing the speed at which this vegetable matures. It is also so simple and easy to grow. I decided to grate them first of all, then add olive oil, a little salt, lime, onion and a touch of Caribbean pepper sauce. The courgettes were very crunchy and delicate. 

To go with this salad I made Pelau, this is a rice dish from Trinidad and Tobago. It is  made by browning  oil and sugar together, then adding onions, tomatoes and carrots. Rice was then added and everything allowed to cook slowly for approximately 20 mins.         Such a tasty combination .                                                                                                                                                                                            It is going to be a busy summer with lots and lots to show you.  

We only have four strawberry plants, must definitely plant some more. Well, I decided to make something memorable, strawberry ice cream of course. I made the custard first with eggs, milk and vanilla. I then added double cream,strawberry puree and sugar.                                   This resulted in a rich tasty ice cream. 

Potato growing is really interesting, once the potatoes were planted we did absolutely nothing, not even water them. We were intended to reap about next month, but Glen and I could not wait to see what was going on in the ground, what excitement. We pulled a couple of them and you can see the results. Left alone, nature does things her own way, fab colour. 

These two courgettes were given by one of our allotment neighbours, aren't they just beautiful? Courgettes and cheese, not bad.                       Looks like it is going to be a summer of colour.

Strawberries                                                                                                       Strawberry Puree                                                                                           Delicious  Strawberry  Ice Cream

Courgette                                                                                                         Beetroot                                                                                                                    Garlic                                                                                      Rose


I have not uploaded pictures of the allotment in a long time. Well, lots have been going on. Everything has been growing and we have started reaping vegetables, from potatoes to courgettes. The yellow courgettes belong to one of our allotment neighbours, but I thought to share with you as they are so beautiful. 

Potatoes                                                                              Courgettes                                                                                              Courgettes and cheese

As you could well imagine we have been busy planting vegetables.The chilli  peppers are a new addition, Glen bought four types, interesting to see how these would grow.The potatoes are growing well but need weeding, as usual.

Glen is focused on getting all the plants in the ground. I am trying to learn as much as possible, never too old as is normally said. I never thought I would enjoy gardening as much as I am. The time passes so fast when we are there and most of all our allotment neighbours are really helpful with advice and encouragement, and of course the giving of vegetables.                             The strawberries are back and now bearing fruit. 


Finally, we were able to reap some onions, having planted them last November. It seems such a long time ago, I think in essence it is. Apparently, we were supposed to leave them for another month or so but the roots were attacked by a fungus. Glen decided to pull some, we lost about nine but nevertheless were able to save at least nine as well. A proud moment indeed. They are big as you can see, can't wait to taste them. 

We have been planting, watering and admiring the beautiful flowers on the allotment. I must admit it is a fun time there. It is easy to grow vegetables, such a wonderful experience.  It is a privilege to eat what you have planted, and of course the taste is unbelievable.

We were given the cabbage and rhubarb as seen in the above image, a full basket to come home with.

The corn and squash have finally been planted, this is of course special to me as I sowed them as seeds.                     The nuturing and observations continue.



Onion                                                                                                                                                                                                             Watering Chard

Cabbage                                                                      Coleslaw                                                                                                                    

Things have definitely heated up on the allotment. It is of course a busy time with planting. The hope is tremendous as we learn, plant and grow, in the amazing world of planting food and outdoor living. I am having so much fun whilst Glen is seeing the process from a more purposeful standpoint. He is in his element though, he wants everyone to get planting, however small. Anyway, we were given salad greens and a cabbage last week by one of our generous allotment neighbours, one of the benefits of belonging to a community. These greens were planted in the winter last year and now are ready to be enjoyed.                                                                                                  They were delicious of course, as usual very different from what is bought from the supermarkets. These were freshly crunchy, delicate and of course so enjoyable.

                                                                                                                                         Shredded Courgette                                                                                        Pelau and Courgette Salad

The vegetables on the allotment are growing, yippee, this of course is always a pleasure to observe. Courgette is a new addition this year and they are growing fast. I am so happy that the beetroot are coming on in leaps and bounds, next year we will definitely be planting these straight into the ground. It was certainly touch and go when they were transplanted. Certainly not making that mistake again, all part of the learning curve.

Glen reaped all the garlic today, varying sizes noted, the smell is certainly stronger than what we normally get from the supermarket. Remember these garlic were planted last November, so it has been some time.

A beautiful yellow rose planted by the someone on the allotment, how delicately pretty.

Glen has been very busy going to the allotment everyday due to the very hot weather we are experiencing in England now. It is always a pleasure going there anyway, the plants always surprise you with something new.



Glen has been doing the not so glamorous job of  sifting the stones from the soil. I did not  even realise that this is normally done. Some of the stones did look pretty I must say, but a very dusty task indeed.

Besides the onion, garlic and potatoes already in the soil, there is not really anything else. He has been preparing the soil by turning it over to control weeds and aerate it. All new to me I must say. Would I ever get it all?

Very soon though we should be planting all sorts. My favorite part is the reaping, this is some way off I'm afraid.

I am a great fan of creating cards from images I take from the allotment. This chive flower image was taken recently and this card created.

Squash flower                                                                                          Mashed potatoes, courgette and baked beans




As you can see the onion is growing well, now in my ignorance I was totally unaware of how onions grew. One bulb per plant, that's how it grows. Am I the only one who did not know this? I'm sure I am.

The ochro is not doing well, apparently they require a lot of sun, such a shame, I was really looking forward to seeing this grow.                           On the other hand the corn, beetroot and tomato plants  are doing much better. Very soon they would have to be put in the ground

Cooking with courgettes continues, I am basically trying out different recipes. In this the courgette are sauteed in olive oil with onions, herbs and ginger, then added to rice.  

This vegetable is bland thus requiring lots of herbs and spices to get it going. I did not grow up seeing this vegetable in our home, was introduced to this since living in England.                          

The last week has been nothing but rain, rain and more rain. I am not complaining, but would love to see the sun now. Everything has been growing and blossoming in the garden patch.  I am always really excited to see the growth of vegetables that we have not grown before, as that of broccoli in this instance. The old ones as that of butternut squash still remain an excitement. This young squash flower is so beautiful, I just had to capture it and show it to you.

I am such a fan of mashed potato and baked beans, a simple hearty meal, this is totally filling. The taste for this was developed whilst living here in England. The potato and courgettes grown of course in the garden patch; deliciously filling I would say.

Glen and I are trying to plant as much in order to enjoy the benefits of the vegetables for as long as possible, we do also share with friends and family.

               Onion                                                                                                                                     Onion                                                                  Ochro                                                                          Beetroot, Corn, Tomato Plants


Tomato                                                                                              Potato plant                                                                                         Chive flower with visitor


Pepper                                                                                                 Cucumber                                                                                          Strawberry plant

Squash                                                                                               Corn                                                                      Unknown but beautiful- lovely textures

Courgettes                                                                                                             Rice and  Courgette                                                                            Corn Plants