Have fun!

For those of us who don't live in a year round warm climate, we welcome this time of year when the sun is here. It does though bring back fond memories of days spent at the beach in the Caribbean.                 In the water, then out to eat, then back in again and this would be repeated all day.    

So excited, summer is finally here! There is always a buzz and excitement everywhere. Ok,  I know in the Caribbean there is summer all year round, but it is great to see and finally feel the sun here in England.

I thought why not celebrate  with some of the fruits, colours and food of the Caribbean. Delicious lentils, by the way a good source of energy giving iron. Of course orange, pineapple and mango, a perfect start to the summer.

Enjoy these stunning Caribbean sea views from the beautiful island of Barbados.

More stunning images from the visit to Kew gardens. I should have spent more time getting the names of plants, will do on next visit.

One of the things I really enjoy doing is designing cards from flowers then photographing them. I must admit I have not done this in a little while.  I was given some flowers and decided to make these cards. Captured this way the flowers will remain beautiful always.