So these are the winter vegetables we have planted in the allotment at this present time.  They have been in the ground since November 2020. As usual, nothing much will happen until spring comes when they will grow at a very fast rate. 

We are just turning and turning the soil around. This is where we get most of our exercise. 

This is a quick unexpected soup with a yellow split lentils base. 

At this time of year Glen and I are cooking the vegetables we have frozen from the 2020 growing season.                                                                                                            They still taste yum!

                                                                                                                                       Home Grown Garden Vegetables

There is nothing as beautiful as being able to eat the vegetables that you have grown. This is what I love about planting. From sowing the seeds, to nurturing, reaping, and finally cooking it all.                                                                              Of course, the taste is amazing, it truly is. For all of those who plant you would understand. For those who do not know, try it, it is so easy. Seeds are so eager to grow.                                                                                                                             Here, in this spaghetti stir fry, the vegetables, and herbs I used, that we have grown were carrots, garden peas, cauliflower, basil, thyme, kale, tomatoes, parsnips, onion, yes onion! and French beans.                                                            As a teenager, I worked (my first job) in a little grocery that sold onions as well as other things of course. I remember weighing and bagging out the onions for sale. It was not one of my favourite things to do.  Back then, I never thought of where they came from.                                                                                   

Growing onions is Glen’s baby. He loves growing this vegetable. I like photographing them.                                                                                                     Anyway, the ones we grow taste so much sweeter than the shop bought ones, especially when oven roasted.      

Funny though, Glen (hubby) and I are growing vegetables that I did not even eat growing up in the Caribbean. Some I did not even see, like that of parsnip and cauliflower. Yes, that was a long time ago.                                                                  I had not been interested in any of these until we grew them ourselves.                                                 Simply delicious!