In designing this garden I was thinking, family party. Lots to eat and drink and of course lots of laughter. I wish this could be my outdoor garden.

Adorable orchids

The beautiful seaside.

Experimenting with chalk pastels. I love the sense of movement that is created by these plants.

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When I think about the Caribbean, one of the exciting elements I immediately think about is colour.  For me a big part of GG's Caribbean Home is about colour.  Colour is one of those elements of design that adds energy and movement, this essentially adds life to any space whether inside or outside.

In this landscape I was thinking spring, and of course to support this an important element would be that of, yes, colour. Bright, vibrant and pleasing to the eyes.

When I move beyond the colour in this space I am thinking about whatever lies beyond these plants. What would you like to see?  I grew up on a farm, so  I would like to see a field of animals grazing, goats and cows, definitely.

A magical visit to Kew Gardens London recently, re-enforced my love for nature and the beauty of the breathtaking outdoors. I was able to see plants from the Caribbean which I shall share with you soon. 

What really stood out for me was the water lillies and of course this ever engaging and dazzling peacock that simply appeared from nowhere and showed us its awesome beauty. What a show off, but thank you.