It's funny, but I find myself lately more involved in more food preparation than design, I suppose it is all and one of the same.  I enjoy it all though.                             I thought to combine papaw (papaya) and mango with a sprinkle of black pepper, pepper sauce, a touch of salt to intensify the flavours, then added a bit of flat leaf parsley.

Great colours, great taste.

As you can see I have been experimenting further into ice creams. In this instance not just any ice cream, but the ever exotic, the ever tropical, coconut ice cream. Truly scrumptious, although I think next time I would add some more sugar. 

There is no food as comforting as a bowl of hot Caribbean soup. This soup is even more special as it has the last of last year's corn and squash from the garden patch (the allotment).  Delicious indeed.ā€‹ā€‹ It has spagetti, ochro, split peas, onion, tomatoes, plantain and eddoes (root vegetable)

Some days you feel for some things, I felt for ochro and rice. I simply sauted the ochroes in vegetable oil with onion. Tomato puree was then added.  A beautiful simple rice dish.

Still experimenting with more bread. Above is carrot bread with a good pasting of strawberry jam and butter, where is my cheese?

A truly tasty cornmeal and lemon biscuit.

Freshly baked bread gives that homely comfortable feel. Butter, cheese, jam, which is your favourite topping? Mine is butter and cheese, certainly tasty. It has been quite some time since  I baked bread, well until today. Tasty with butter and cheese, no doubt.

Dā€‹o you recognise any of these? For those of you who are not able to, these are snacks from Trinidad and Tobago. Every year a dear friend would bring these back for us. They are snacks enjoyed by both children and adults alike.
From the lower left of the image we have red preserved mango, tamarind balls, fudge(made from milk/sugar), toolum (small black ball) made from molasses and coconut, and bene stick (sesame seeds and sugar). If you ever visit, they are a must try.

It's January 2017, so I thought to start the year with vivid colours and of course a healthy meal. I used bulgur wheat here as a rice replacement.  I cooked it the same as I would rice. Eaten with hearty lentils and beetroot, simply delicious.      

I have truly enjoyed showing you what I cook and also experimenting with meals I had as a child. This year I would continue to do just this, please let me know what you think.                                                                                                   

Jamaican Rice and Peas. This beautiful rice is made with the ever delicious coconut milk, kidney beans, onions, scotch bonnet pepper, salt and thyme. Truly delicious!