I  am dedicating this living room to a special relative of mine who got married last weekend. Yellow, blue and white were the theme colours used for the wedding.  I thought I would steal these colours to design the scheme for this week.  Red was added to provide contrast, but also to draw the eyes to the right side of the room.
As you can see the overall look is fresh, light, airy and indeed tropical.
This modern look of course is what I have been seeing in the Caribbean now.

The bird in this image, was seen in the garden of a friend. Its behaviour  was odd.  As we approached it, this beautiful blue bird  did not fly away. This  you know is unusual.   She was held, stroked and offered some water in this coconut shell.  She drank a little, and then after a few minutes, flew away. Good luck little one.

The inspiration for these window treatments came from a comprehensive curtain making book by Heather Luke, one of my keepsakes.
I was attracted to the various styles above from her book, due to their elegance.

Curtain making is dear to my heart, it is the foundation of my entry into the beautiful world of interior design.
My favourite of these three is the green due to its sumptuousness, colour and the elegant look it creates when puddled on the floor.
Of course there are so many factors to consider when choosing curtains for your windows.
Which one would you choose? 

I feel privileged to be writing about the living room of the houses I saw growing up as a child in the Caribbean. This room was central to the Caribbean home.  It was a place to entertain guests, catch up on village gossip, relate scary folk tale stories, eat etc. It was a room to be proud of by our parents and grandparents, as it was kept in a 'spick and span' condition, no feet on the couch!

My lasting re-collecting of this room, was of the dark mahogany furniture and flooring, polished and shined (back breaking work!)
Ever present was the floral furniture cushions, the simple curtains, wall clock, doily on the centre table,  and of course who could forget the rocking chair.
'Looking back' is certainly a conversation starter. Nostalgia, nostalgia.

In designing this bedroom, I was thinking of one word: floral. The leading flower used was the daisy. It is used both on the wall above the bed and on the bed linen.                                            The baby blue used on the wall is subdued enough, to lessen the intensity of the colours in the room.  Other floral elements are of course the wall art.

White is used to provide light relief to the strong colours on the other walls.                            The overall colours used should hopefully enable a good night's rest.

Since I launched this blog on June 5, 2015, I have had three number one fans.  Thank you, you know who you are.                         I decided to create a dining and lounge area for one of my number one fans. Her favourite colour is green.
I recently visited the home of a friend whose living/dining space was the inspiration for this scheme. She used dark colours as the basis for her colour scheme. However, I decided to inject some Caribbean-ness into this scheme, by using variations of green, with the addition of white to keep it all fresh.                                                        
My friend, I hope you like it.

I  am on a journey of discovery and experimentation with many things that can be made at home. I have never thought about making candles before, but was encouraged by a friend to give it a go.                                                       The results can be seen above. Surprisingly, it was not difficult to achieve. 

You would have guessed by now that I am a big fan of nature. I believe nature adds such energy and life to designs, very exciting to see when added.
The aim was to 'bring the outside in' within this modern, simple and spacious living room. The colour palette is mild, but I wanted to increase the vibrancy by adding this tropical flamboyant tree image, thus creating the fusion and energy I was looking for.    

Due to my focus now on Outdoor Living, Food and Tea towels I will no longer be creating new indoor room designs. I will however leave this page for you to enjoy my previous creations.

Fresh, crisp, modern, uncluttered, tranquil and of course Caribbean inspired. Well these were the buzz words I had in my head when I decided to design my Caribbean retreat. A place where I could sleep after a fun day in the Caribbean outdoors. I suppose the ultimate question would be, “Would I be able to get a good night’s rest in this room?"

To commence, I used different variations of Caribbean blues to act as a springboard for the entire scheme. White is used to add an element of freshness and give a modern feel to the room. I kept the bed and bed linen simple allowing for the large white spider like wall decoration to take centre stage.

Some elements of the past were used with the introduction of the flooring and chest. I thought it would be fun to cover the chest with the same material as that of the flooring, as it helps it to disappear, which allows the other elements to shine.

Blinds were chosen for the windows as opposed to curtains. How can I obstruct those lovely views?  The vibrant variations of the blues of the fabric was chosen to complement the whole scheme.
Although the bedside lanterns were not originally what I grew up with, these add to the modern feel of the room. The pink ceiling lights - well, this is one of my favourite colours which I had to include.                                                                                                                           
I sincerely hope you enjoy viewing my Caribbea
n Retreat.

Apparently, I use red or some degree of this colour in all my indoor rooms. It is not something I have noticed, but on looking at all the indoor schemes, this is true - well, almost.
This week, I dared to be 'red free'

My initial choice for this sun lounge Caribbean room, is purple and yellow. These are two opposing colours that intensify each other. There is some degree of caution when using these two together, but they can be very exciting.
The idea is to allow one colour to take the lead in strength and sharpness, and the other to follow gently.
This is my end result. It is a strong combination, which may not be to everyone's taste.
Red, what red? Well, just a little!

This week I wanted to dedicate this room to another of my number one fans, these are her favorite colours.
I called it "dazzle" due to the glittery effects of the focal point square on the wall.
My friend, I hope you like it.

Caribbean food, hot, spicy, colourful, delicious and exotic. No holding back on the spices! This dining room celebrates this in colour.
The table of course would represent the centre piece where all this tasty food would be displayed and enjoyed.

The dining room is a place to entertain, filled with heated conversation and laughter.
Red is normally the colour chosen to support this dining experience, as can be seen in this room above.
As you can also see, I did not hold back in painting this table in a strong red tone.

Thinking about it all, brings a smile to my face. Although, I believe  that a better experience to be had, would be eating this food on the beach, as you watch the sun disappear over the horizon, how delightful!

The challenge this week, was to create a spa within a spa. The Caribbean is seen as a spa to many of its visitors, a place to relax and enjoy all it has to offer. Well, no contest there, nature will always win.
I decided to borrow some of her colours to create this scheme. Pared back, relaxing and clean was the intention, with a luxurious soft floor. I know white is a bit ambitious for the flooring, but we aim to pamper.

I wanted to attempt a chic look in the bedroom. Stone is used now in many interiors to create that rustic industrial look.
However, I did not want the room to have that industrial hard edge feel, so I used white to soften the look , but also to give that fresh appearance.
Such fun creating this room.