‚ÄčThis decorative nursery art piece was taken from my archives. A few years ago I was obsessed with making these and tea (kitchen) towels.
This colour was chosen for those parents who would prefer an alternative colour to pink for their baby girl.
I had such fun designing and making this. Lovely memories.

Finally Glenis you are uploading some more tea towels. I put together these towels a few months ago, but just did not have the time to put on the website for you all to see. I came across this bit of fabric and thought tea towels, then out came the paint and buttons. Always a joy indeed.

A tea towel turned on its side. One of the things I really enjoy is painting tea towels. Such fun with paint. I only paint the outdoors, painting is such fun, fun, fun. 

A tea towel with lots of Caribbean colour.

A tea towel from my archive.

The colour white kept going around and around in my head. What should I do?     Finally, I decided to design and sew one decorative tea (kitchen) towel using the edging that is common in all three towels.                                        One towel became two and then three. Why three? I simply ran out of the cotton edging.                                                A wonderful afternoon spent on one of my favourite pastimes.

Polka dots are so pretty whatever the colour. I have played around a bit and came up with these three tea (kitchen) towels. It is always such fun designing and sewing these.

I enjoy designing and making simple decorative tea (kitchen) towels and table runners. In this instance I made this wall decoration for a baby's nursery.

The simple pink leaves contrasts well with the gingham, whilst the white button holds it all together.

Gingham, whatever the colour, is just delightful.  Do  you agree?                

This page has been neglected for some time, although these towels were sewn a few months ago.  As usual I start with designing and sewing one and then two and somehow three.                                                                                                            A fun project.

The sun is out, the flowers are out, it is of course, spring.  I am so happy, in celebrating I have produced these floral kitchen towels.