I must let you into a secret. If I am given a gift with ribbons or cards with buttons, I take them off and use them in creating tea towels. Here I am doing the same. This ribbon was given to me recently, so I kept it and thought, what should I do with this?                                        The inspiration for this tea towel was a field of flowers, and here we are.   

 I don't sew everyday but when I do, I always thoroughly enjoy it. As you know I have been sewing since a child, and to this day it remains my go to when I feel I want to go back to the basics with my creative self, I never get bored of it!  Just cannot imagine living in a house without a sewing machine. This is what I saw growing up in the Caribbean, there was a sewing machine in every house, because every woman would do some form of sewing.                                                                                                                                                                                My mum did all her sewing, from making our school uniforms, (all five of them) to sewing chair cushions, curtains; you name it and she did it. She inspired me to sew, in fact, as a child I would take her needle, thread and fabric and hide, using them to do my little sewing. Now, I like to experiment with adding fabric paint, as in this instance.  It's all fun, fun, fun.