The one thing I can say about the allotment is, it always throws up some surprises. Glen was turning over the soil yesterday when he excited found one parsnip, one beetroot and one carrot. I was so excited, these were planted last spring. We obviously did not know they were there. My brain started thinking, what could I do with these? 

It is funny, when you have a lot, sometimes you are not as picky with maximising it all. Oh, I also picked some kale.

Let me tell you about parsnips and me. I really need to get serious about this root vegetable. I sowed them and then transplanted them in the allotment last year.  Simply put, this is not the done thing. They apparently should be planted straight into the ground. I shall be doing that this year, after all, it makes it all easier, plus it is better for the growth of the plant.                                                                                                                                                                                                     With this one parsnip Glen found, I thought to make the best of it. Parsnip chips, only just a few of course. This is so tasty with ketchup.

I decided to grate the carrot, rest of the parsnip, beetroot and chop the kale finely. I then added olive oil, finely chopped onion and a pinch of sea salt. This was simply tossed together and eaten as a salad.

Finally, I took half of the above salad and combined it with flour and made a bread. It truly tasted delicious! I would certainly be making this again.

This year I hope to be experimenting more with the vegetables we grow. I adore colour and hope to see more at the allotment this year.