My name is Glenis Ragout, I am an Interior Designer and Designer for Outdoor Living.  My love for design started as a young child growing up in the Caribbean (Tobago)  with a fascination for fabrics. This came about as I watched my mum sew beautiful clothes, cushions and curtains with what I thought were 'magic fingers.' This led me to learning to sew at school and subsequently designing and sewing my own clothes and soft furnishings.  To this day, I still feel a sense of excitement when visiting fabric shops: the colours, the textures, the possibilities!
Over the years I continued to sew whilst pursuing other career goals, but felt that I wanted to develop my knowledge in the world of soft furnishings.      

After completing a professional curtain making course, I wanted to learn how to display this within a designed room setting and enrolled on an Interior Design programme and Wow! My design world exploded! I am so excited about design.

Design allows me to express my creative self. It has taken me on a journey of  having  to draw,  which I am still learning. (I do apologise for putting you through my attempts).

My individual style is what I call, 'A Caribbean Blend', which is simply putting a modern spin, my interpretation on what I saw growing up in the Caribbean whilst keeping some of the traditions.
I live in England at present but still have very close contacts with the Caribbean.

GG Caribbean Home was created to celebrate the Caribbean  through my eyes. The colours, the foods and the landscapes.                              
The purpose of my website is to focus on outdoor living, cooking, designing  designing and making kitchen towels, this is a passion of mine.                                                                                                                                                                     
My husband Glen is quietly in the background, with his heart firmly buried in the  'Garden Patch' where he does his planting. His focus is to get everyone growing their own food.

I am very excited about this adventure, as I hope to learn greatly and laugh deeply through it all.                                       Most of all I  hope some aspect of my work would put a smile on your face or warm your heart and most of all to get you planting and enjoying the great outdoors.             

We excitedly welcome you to come along on this beautiful journey with us. We would love to hear from you, so please leave us a comment or sign up to GG Sprinkles to receive our newsletter.